You’ve just discovered a piece of her world. Now Marion is eager to learn more about you and your photo project. Tell her about you, your wedding, your desire for a photo shoot, and what you liked about her work.

For future brides and grooms, please give her as many details as possible about your event.
For couples, Marion can’t wait to find out how long you’ve been in love, where you’d like your session to take place, etc. Marion loves details, and that’s what allows her to personalize each shoot!

Marion undertakes to respond to all requests within 48 hours. If you don’t receive a reply, please check your spam or contact her directly by phone or whats app on 07 72 04 02 78.

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    If you’d like Marion to photograph your story, send her a short message using the form above.

    She’ll call you to discuss your photo project. We can chat over an orange juice or hot chocolate. It’s important for Marion and you to get to know each other and to see if Marion is the right photographer for you.


    Signing the contract

    Once you’ve agreed on all the details of your photo shoot or reportage, you sign the contract, and after payment of a deposit or the full cost of your shoot, your date is officially booked in Marion’s diary.


    Right up to D-Day

    No matter what type of photo shoot you choose. Marion will be available to listen.

    Don’t hesitate to tell her about your inspirations, fears and desires.