Marion Pinel tells your most beautiful love stories

Dear couples in love, would you like to take a walk on the edge of time, filled with love and glances?

The choice of your photographer is crucial to creating eternal memories of these moments in your life as a couple.

Imagine an intimate rendezvous where every gesture is illuminated by the soft glow of natural light, where the essence of elegance prevails, and where the air is filled with whispers of romance and refinement. Allow us to introduce you to the gentle, timeless appeal of our approach to fine art.

For years, Marion has devoted herself to this particular style. Her trademark lies in the delicate embrace of natural light, combined with an unwavering pursuit of elegance and refinement. She skilfully combines the capture of emotions with a visually striking aesthetic.

These images transcend mere photographs; they become precious treasures, witnessing the magnificent journey of your love for generations to come.

Marion is fully involved in creating your shared memories, offering you a personalized and intimate experience.

Beyond the Ordinary :A unique vision of couple photography.

Marion Pinel stands out with a unique ability to discover beauty in the minutest details, seamlessly intertwining aesthetics and emotion in every image.

Each photograph in her portfolio undergoes careful retouching, upholding an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality.

As a photographer, Marion delves beyond the surface to encapsulate the enchantment of your connection in every intricate detail, radiating unparalleled elegance and luminosity.

Her objective is to craft timeless memories that reveal the unexpected beauty within every fleeting moment of your shared experiences.

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The session of your dreams

Elegance often lies in the simplest details.
Audrey Hepburn

Lui écrire

Discover who Marion Pinel’s dream clients are.

If you recognize yourself in these traits, you’re one of the extraordinary couples she can’t wait to join on the wonderful adventure that is a wedding day.

  • Epicureans: You love the good things in life, just like a meal in a gourmet restaurant on a romantic trip.
  • Sweet lovers: Tenderness and complicity are at the heart of your relationship, and you’re looking for a photographer capable of capturing them.
  • Romantic dreamers: Your wedding is a fairytale love story, and you want photos that reflect that romance.
  • Elegance seekers: You appreciate elegance and refinement, and want every detail of your wedding to be captured in style.
  • Fascinated by details: You have an eye for the little details that make your wedding unique, and you want them to stand out in your photos.

Whether you are epicureans, sweet tooths, romantic dreamers, seekers of elegance, or fascinated by details, Marion is here to help you create unforgettable memories of your wedding day.

A shootWith Marion

Contact Marion

The first step to working together is for you to contact Marion.

She can be reached through the contact section of the site or by phone at 07 72 04 02 78.

During this first contact, you will be able to ask her any questions you have regarding the realization of a photo session with her.

Then, she will propose an appointment to make your birth photo session.

Signing the contract

Following your various exchanges, you decided to trust Marion and entrust her with the realization of your photo shoot.

It sends you your contract for the reservation of its service.

It is accompanied by a questionnaire that allows him to know a little more about your story.

You must return the signed contract and quote and make the payment of the session in order to confirm the date of your photo shoot.

It will then be official, you will be able to meet Marion to create your future memories.

The D Day

It’s the big day, you’re impatient and a little stressed.

Marion works in good humor and kindness to get portraits in your image and that you remember a very good experience of this moment lived by her side.

Its goal throughout the photo shoot will be to sublimate you and tell your story.

The retouching of your report

Your photo shoot went well and Marion let you get back on track.

Now much of his work begins.

Indeed, she will sort and retouch each of the photos she took during your report.

This step takes time, but rest assured, it takes good care of your images.

As soon as your images are ready, she will send you the link of your gallery where are your precious photos

When you knowYou know

Who’s behind the lens?

Marion Pinel has been a wedding photographer since 2020. In just a few years, she has established her style and made a name for herself in the very private world of wedding photography. Published in some of the most prestigious blogs, she stands out for her romantic and delicate approach.

A story of feeling

Choosing a wedding photographer can be a real headache. There are all kinds of photographers out there, with very different services, styles, prices and personalities.

According to Marion, feeling is the key to the success of each of the wedding photos she shoots. Choosing a professional photographer is the assurance of being able to highlight a story, a know-how, an image.

Choosing Marion Pinel means choosing a photo gallery bathed in light and authenticity.

It means putting style, emotion and beauty at the heart of your wedding photography.

Meet her

His commitment light, refinement, emotions

Capturing emotion bathed in soft, elegant light, for a discerning clientele in Paris, London and beyond.

To tell your story with elegance and softness, share your number with me. Find out how I can turn your special moments into unforgettable memories. I look forward to calling you and starting this photographic adventure together.

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