Marion Pinel tells your most beautiful love stories

Dear future bride and groom, in the magical world of weddings, choosing your photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

If you dream of a celebration where natural light envelops every moment, where elegance reigns supreme, where romance and refinement are the order of the day, then let us introduce you to the soft, timeless look of Fine Art.

This is the approach Marion has been following for several years now.

Her signature style stands out for its subtle use of natural light and its quest for elegance and refinement. She perfectly blends the capture of emotions with a striking aesthetic rendering.

These images won’t just be photographs, they’ll be treasures that will bear witness to your love for generations to come.

Marion is fully involved in the creation of your memories and experience, offering you a tailor-made accompaniment.

Beyond the Ordinary :A unique vision of wedding photography.

Marion Pinel distinguishes herself from other photographers by her ability to perceive beauty in the smallest details, to blend aesthetics and emotion in all your images.

Every photo in her wedding reportage is carefully retouched to maintain a consistent level of quality.

As a photographer, Marion sees beyond the apparent to capture the magic of your love through every detail, with exceptional elegance and luminosity.

Her aim is to create timeless memories that reveal the unsuspected beauty of every moment of your wedding day.

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His dream clients

Elegance often lies in the simplest details.
Audrey Hepburn

Lui écrire

Discover who Marion Pinel’s dream clients are.

If you recognize yourself in these traits, you’re one of the extraordinary couples she can’t wait to join on the wonderful adventure that is a wedding day.

  • Epicureans: You love the good things in life, just like a meal in a gourmet restaurant on a romantic trip.
  • Sweet lovers: Tenderness and complicity are at the heart of your relationship, and you’re looking for a photographer capable of capturing them.
  • Romantic dreamers: Your wedding is a fairytale love story, and you want photos that reflect that romance.
  • Elegance seekers: You appreciate elegance and refinement, and want every detail of your wedding to be captured in style.
  • Fascinated by details: You have an eye for the little details that make your wedding unique, and you want them to stand out in your photos.

Whether you are epicureans, sweet tooths, romantic dreamers, seekers of elegance, or fascinated by details, Marion is here to help you create unforgettable memories of your wedding day.

One dayWith Marion

The getting ready

One of Marion Pinel’s most precious wedding moments is the bridal preparation session. It’s a moment of love, complicity and excitement.

Every detail counts, from earrings to hairstyle, to make sure everything is perfect. It’s a moment when the bride-to-be is surrounded by family and friends, creating warm memories.

Marion captures this essence, mixing stress and euphoria, emotional glances and complicity.

She also immortalizes all the important details of the wedding, from the rings to the bouquet, creating the first pages of your love story, just like in your favorite novel.

The ceremony

Over the years, Marion has had the privilege of documenting many wedding ceremonies, whether traditional, modern, religious, civil or secular, indoors or outdoors.

Whatever the setting, Marion is there to capture every solemn moment, highlighting the emotions and details that make this stage a memorable one.

During the ceremony, Marion skilfully captures key moments such as the exchange of rings, the first kiss and the exit from the church, while remaining discreet to capture authentic, emotion-filled images.

These precious memories are shared with pride, accompanying couples at every milestone in their journey of love.

The cocktail

Marion finds her inspiration during the vin d’honneur, a gentle moment when pastel light creates a serene atmosphere.

She creates refined portraits that exude elegance and authenticity, sublimating every moment.

Beyond the portraits, Marion highlights the artistic details that add a magical touch to the event.

The setting and decoration of the vin d’honneur provide a captivating backdrop, adding a unique elegance.

The splendor of the hall, with its elegantly laid tables and refined tableware, is also captured with flair.

The couple session

For Marion, the most precious moment is the couple’s photo session, a moment of intimacy and romance where each image tells a love story with grace and sincerity.

Pastel tones and soft light evoke the tenderness of the moment, capturing the very essence of the bride and groom’s union. Marion Pinel creates an unforgettable visual experience.

What’s more, she also takes the time to take posed photos of the couple, adding a touch of elegance to the overall reportage.

After Party

The wedding party, the high point of the celebration, resounds with the joy of guests and contagious smiles. Expressions of love mingle to create tender, moving moments.

After the delicious wedding meal, everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of the pièce montée, a moment appreciated by adults and children alike.

But the highlight of the evening is undoubtedly the ball opening, the perfect opportunity to immortalize the first moments of dancing as husband and wife.

The guests then join the bride and groom on the dance floor, and after a few candid shots, Marion leaves them to enjoy the dancing until the end of the night.

Love makes us think, live and believe.
Victor Hugo

When you knowYou know

Who’s behind the lens?

Marion Pinel has been a wedding photographer since 2020. In just a few years, she has established her style and made a name for herself in the very private world of wedding photography. Published in some of the most prestigious blogs, she stands out for her romantic and delicate approach.

A story of feeling

Choosing a wedding photographer can be a real headache. There are all kinds of photographers out there, with very different services, styles, prices and personalities.

According to Marion, feeling is the key to the success of each of the wedding photos she shoots. Choosing a professional photographer is the assurance of being able to highlight a story, a know-how, an image.

Choosing Marion Pinel means choosing a photo gallery bathed in light and authenticity.

It means putting style, emotion and beauty at the heart of your wedding photography.

Meet her

His commitment light, refinement, emotions

Capturing emotion bathed in soft, elegant light, for a discerning clientele in Paris, London and beyond.

To tell your story with elegance and softness, share your number with me. Find out how I can turn your special moments into unforgettable memories. I look forward to calling you and starting this photographic adventure together.

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    Starting this fabulous photographic adventure with Marion Pinel is child’s play. It all starts with the first step: making contact.

    You can choose to visit the contact page on her website or book a discovery call.

    During this exchange, you’ll explore every detail of your wedding day. Marion will introduce you to the full range of her services, giving you the opportunity to get to know her better.

    It’s the starting point for an extraordinary experience, where emotions, creativity and unforgettable memories are the order of the day.



    The wedding day is approaching, offering the opportunity to capture every precious moment. The aim is to guarantee a unique, high-end experience, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

    Communication is essential to establish a relaxed atmosphere, as it’s well known that posing in front of the lens can be intimidating.

    Marion Pinel is committed to guiding the bride and groom through this experience, to sublimating them and offering them quality photographs.

    It’s this delicate, romantic artistic approach that has set Marion apart in the world of wedding photography since 2020.



    The final stage is the discovery of your images. An appointment is made for one of the most exciting moments of all: the revelation of your photographs.

    This moment holds a special place in Marion’s heart, as she greatly appreciates the opportunity to accompany you during this stage. It’s an opportunity to see first-hand your reactions to the work she’s done for you.

    You’ll be able to relive the moments of complicity shared with your loved ones, and choose the photo that will proudly take pride of place in your living room…

    A Moment of Tenderness : Your Lovers’ Session

    Engagement sessions give you the chance to familiarize yourself with the photographer and create memories before your wedding day.

    Each of these appointments can be completely personalized, taking place in the location of your choice. This is Marion’s opportunity to capture the essence of your unique relationship.

    Comme chaque couple est exceptionnel à ses yeux, Marion s’efforce de saisir votre complicité et votre amour authentique à travers son objectif. Elle est à l’écoute pour préparer une séance sur mesure, correspondant à vos rêves.

    Si le cœur vous en dit, vous avez la possibilité d’ajouter une touche de magie à votre expérience en incluant des éléments tels que des fleurs fraîches, une décoration élégante, la magnifique robe de la mariée, une voiture de collection ou une Vespa vintage, une bouteille de champagne pour célébrer, et même une séance de maquillage et de coiffure pour sublimer l’ensemble.

    Chacun de ces clichés témoigne d’une vision artistique contemporaine, d’un romantisme sincère et d’une spontanéité captivante. Marion capture les baisers volés, met en valeur l’éclat des alliances, et immortalise les sourires rayonnants des amoureux lors de leur promenade main dans la main.

    C’est une expérience photographique qui allie romantisme et authenticité pour vous, futurs mariés.

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    Capturing intimacy with exceptional elopements

    The most beautiful memories of love are the most intimate, the ones written in the secret of our hearts. Marion Pinel

    For couples who value intimacy, elegance and romance, intimate weddings and elopements offer an exceptional experience.

    As a wedding photographer specializing in luxury weddings, Marion is passionate about creating lasting memories for brides and grooms who choose to celebrate their love in a more personal way.

    Intimate weddings, often characterized by their warm and refined ambience, offer the opportunity to capture every moment of complicity.

    Elopements, on the other hand, are a secret celebration of love, imbued with spontaneity and romance.

    His artistic approach aims to sublimate the beauty and emotion of these unique moments.

    If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who specializes in intimate weddings and elopements, and you long for luxurious images that reflect your unshakeable love, Marion Pinel is here to create memories that will remain etched in your heart for eternity.

    Meet her

    TESTIMONIALSYour kind words

    We weren’t looking for a photographer for our wedding. Luckily, we came across Marion! Both bubbly and sweet, she introduced us to her world, her art and her talent! We got to know each other through our meetings, and organized this fabulous day to the best of our ability. Marion managed 100 people during our wedding. The guests were unanimous: “Marion is really top-notch!
    As far as the bride and groom were concerned, she knew how to relax us; it was like having an old friend with us.
    And when we saw the results, it was with great emotion. Unique photos. Marion has a unique style, so different from the others!

    We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for immortalizing our day ❤️


    Having Marion as our photographer for the 3 days of our wedding (civil wedding, religious wedding & party and wedding brunch) was one of the best decisions we made in organizing our wedding. Her warmth, professionalism and kindness instantly put you at ease. Several of our guests even asked if she was a friend, which she became after three days. She’s incredibly talented at what she does, and expertly guides you to find the perfect photo (which was a great help to us, as we’re not used to having our photo taken). Thanks to her, our wedding is immortalized with the most beautiful photographs, which also makes it a perfect gift for family and friends after the celebrations. I couldn’t recommend Marion more highly, as she will enable us to look back on our wedding and share these beautiful memories for decades and generations to come.

    Her photos are extremely beautiful.

    Amélie & Marc

    We can’t thank Marion enough for her exemplary professionalism at our wedding on August 27, 2022. Our guests were unanimous in her discretion, kindness and talent. Marion has a photographer’s eye for fine art that we really like. The photos are magnificent and allow us to remember this magical day in minute detail.
    Thanks again for everything, and we can’t wait to share them with our friends and family!

    Marion & Adam

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