Intimate wedding in Provence

Stephen and Yhasmina: An Intimate Wedding at Mas ‘Les Confinés’ in Provence

New York natives Stephen and Yhasmina recently exchanged vows in an intimate wedding at Mas ‘Les Confinés’, an enchanting venue nestled in the Vaucluse region in the heart of Provence. This exceptional event, orchestrated with refinement, was immortalized by wedding photographer Marion Pinel, a specialist in luxury weddings in Provence.

A Proposal That Speaks volumes

Their love story was written quickly, with love at first sight binding them together from the very first moment. The proposal, though made within six months of meeting, was the crowning achievement of an instant connection. A month into their relationship, an incident changed the course of events: Stephen tore his Achilles tendon. This difficult moment was transformed into an opportunity to get even closer. Yhasmina moved in to be by his side, and this intimate time solidified their bond. A few weeks later, the proposal took place in their home in Rhinebeck, New York, marking the beginning of a new stage in their journey.

When Fashion Meets Elegance

The quest for the perfect wedding dress has been a journey, but everything has changed at Sarah Seven. The Agatha gown captivated Yhasmina with its timeless elegance. Structured, flowing, sexy and classic, it was the perfect representation of the style she was looking for. A discovery that confirmed that best friends often have a knack for knowing exactly what’s right.

A Dream Destination: Mas ‘Les Confinés’ in Provence

The choice of the Mas ‘Les Confinés’ for this celebration was no accident. Located in the Vaucluse region, this mas offers a picturesque setting, ideal for couples seeking an intimate wedding experience. The vast gardens and Provencal architecture created the perfect backdrop for Stephen and Yhasmina’s wedding.

The vast gardens of the mas were the majestic backdrop for the secular ceremony. Adorned with slender cypress trees, century-old olive trees and rustic fountains, the gardens offered a natural and authentic setting. Guests were transported to a true haven of peace, where the beauty of Provençal nature merged harmoniously with shared love.

The mas ‘Les Confinés’ embodies the sober elegance of Provencal architecture. The stone walls, weathered wooden shutters and terracotta tiles

evoke the rich past of this region. Every corner of the mas exudes history, lending an authentic atmosphere to this intimate celebration.

Guests from all over the world for an intimate celebration

The couple succeeded in bringing together 12 close friends and family from New York, Dubai, Los Angeles and beyond. This intimate wedding proved that love can transcend borders, creating a warm and convivial atmospher

A Distinguished Program over Two Memorable Days

The first day was marked by a pool party at the mas, followed by an escapade at the Bastide de Gordes, offering panoramic views over the village of Gordes. Guests were treated to a sumptuous dinner in a relaxed atmosphere.

The second day was the high point, with a laic ceremony held in the mas’ formal gardens. The elegantly orchestrated floral decorations added a touch of enchantment to this exceptional event.

A Symphony of Flavors for the Big Day

An in-house chef then delighted the guests’ palates with a refined dinner, underlining the importance of French gastronomy in this celebration.

Indeed, the wedding dinner was orchestrated by the talented chef Youcef Djellab, offering an unforgettable gastronomic experience. The meal opened with a seasonal avocado tartare, followed by a sea bass appetizer, and culminated with a slow-cooked beef tenderloin as the main course. Finally, the red velvet cake rounded off the evening in style, adding a sweet note to an already emotionally rich day.

An Extended Experience in Provence: Beyond the Ceremony

Beyond the wedding day, Stephen and Yhasmina chose to extend their stay in Provence. This decision allowed them to create additional memories with their loved ones and take full advantage of the beauty of this iconic region.

Moments Captured by Marion Pinel: An Ode to Elegance

Marion Pinel, wedding photographer in Provence and around the world, captures the essence of this intimate celebration. Her mastery of natural light and sense of aesthetics transformed every moment into a timeless work of art. These photographs are not only a visual record of the event, but also a poetic narrative of Stephen and Yhasmina’s unique love.

Conclusion: An Exceptional Wedding, an Eternal Love Story

Stephen and Yhasmina’s wedding at the mas ‘Les Confinés’ in Provence will be remembered as an exceptional celebration of love. Every detail, from the Provençal landscapes to the culinary delights, has been carefully thought out to create a unique visual and emotional experience. This love story, elegantly captured by Marion Pinel, bears witness to the elegance and romance that marked these unforgettable days. A celebration that goes beyond a simple event to become a visual experience, a symphony of emotions, an ode to love.


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