Wedding at Château Robernier

Wedding at Château Robernier

Manon & Eyad’s enchanting wedding at Château Robernier in Provence unfolded like a romantic saga. Hailing from Dubai, the couple chose this iconic venue to seal their destiny in September 2023. The picturesque ceremony, orchestrated in the majestic castle gardens, was a fusion of elegance and delicate floral details. The festivities, tinged with la dolce vita, were a visual and sensory celebration, captured magnificently by Marion Pinel, renowned wedding photographer in Provence. Each moment immortalized under the Provençal sky tells a timeless love story, transcending the ephemeral to create lasting memories.





Immerse yourself in the heart of a romantic epic at the magnificent Château Robernier, nestled in the charming town of Montfort-sur-Argens, in Provence. It is here that Manon & Eyad, this love-struck couple, chose to seal their destiny during a sumptuous ceremony in September 2023.

Originally from Dubai, the bride and groom brought together their loved ones in this iconic location, offering a dazzling spectacle of their union.

The secular ceremony, the true centerpiece of this enchanting day, took place in the majestic gardens of the castle. The decoration, of refined elegance, has been carefully orchestrated to match the natural splendor of the surroundings. A delicate floral arch, made up of fresh flowers, created a scene of poetic beauty, adding a magical dimension to the event.

Château Robernier, witness to many fairy tales, provided an idyllic setting for the festivities. The long tables, in the spirit of la dolce vita, warmly welcomed the guests in a friendly atmosphere. The natural tones, in perfect harmony with the surrounding greenery, created a stunning visual palette.

The meal, worthy of the greatest inspirations, enchanted the guests with delicate and refined dishes. The flowers, a central element of the decoration, continued to adorn the tables, bringing a touch of freshness to this sunny September day.

Manon & Eyad have thus written a new page in the book of their lives at Château Robernier, immortalizing eternal moments that will stand the test of time. This wedding in Provence, full of elegance and sophistication, will be remembered as an exceptional celebration of love.

Beyond geographical borders, this union has brought together souls and created indelible memories. The carefully thought-out details and constant pursuit of excellence made this day a true visual masterpiece, where every moment was a work of art.

In conclusion, this wedding at Château Robernier transcends the ephemeral to become a visual experience, a symphony of emotions, an ode to love. This day embodies the quintessence of beauty, elegance and refinement, elevating Château Robernier to the rank of an emblematic place for lovers dreaming of an exceptional wedding in Provence.

Beyond being a simple observer, Marion Pinel, as a wedding photographer recognized in Provence, embodies an elegant and timeless artistic vision. Her approach, imbued with light and sophistication, aims to capture the very essence of each wedding, transforming fleeting moments into lasting memories.

Provence, with its enchanting light and picturesque landscapes, serves as the perfect backdrop for the photographs of this wonderful wedding. Each ray of sunshine is exploited to enhance the magical atmosphere of the moment. The photos captured under the Provençal sky reveal a vibrant color palette and incomparable clarity, adding a unique dimension to wedding memories.

The constant quest for visual perfection guides Marion’s style, defined by a fine art aesthetic. Each photo is a living painting, where the bride and groom are the protagonists of a captivating love story. Elegance transcends every shot, creating images that tell not only the story of marriage but also that of two souls like Manon and Eyad who unite in love.


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